Dental prophylaxis assistant
​Yasemin Saglam

Yasemin SaglamI started training as a dental assistant in 2011 and finished it in 2014. I really enjoy my work and helping people. In order to gain more knowledge, I decided to change my employer and applied at the dental practice Dres. Zimny and Dr. Zimny-Schattling.

I have been working here since October 1, 2018. I enjoy the work environment very much. I can learn a lot because the Zimny family has a lot of experience and is always up to date. At the beginning of 2019, I decided to continue my education as a dental prophylaxis assistant. I successfully completed the training as in January 2020 and have been working enthusiastically on patients ever since, in order to keep my patient’s teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime through professional tooth cleaning.