Snoring Therapy with Lower Jaw Advancement Splint

Nightly snoring not only disturbs the partner but possibly also the person who is snoring because it may prevent restful deep-sleep phases depending on the severity of the sleep-related breathing disorder.

That results in fatigue, tenseness and exhaustion during waking hours. And dangerous sleep apnoea (cessation of breathing) at night will severely strain the circulatory system. After a sleep medicine specialist has diagnosed the type of nightly snoring, lower jaw advancement splints (snoreguards) are successfully manufactured at the practice of the doctors Zimny and doctor Zimny-Schattling in Berlin.

The lower jaw advancement splint prevents the tongue from collapsing and blocking the throat area by fixing the lower jaw in a specific position which in turn prevents snoring and any possibly occurring interruptions of respiration.


© Courtesy of SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH (Video) And Dr. Hinz Dental (Bild)

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