Dental prophylaxis assistants & dental hygienists
Nadja Wagener

I have been part of the Drs Zimny practice team since August 2011 and have felt at home here since the day I started. Working as part of such a well-organised team has been a real plus.

Because every treatment is individually designed to meet the needs of our patients, my day-to-day work as a dental assistant is varied and interesting.
The thing I enjoy most is when patients gain increasing trust in my work and give me the impression they enjoy being cared for by me.

Encouraged by this experience, in August 2013 I started a course to train as a dental hygienist at the Philipp-Pfaff Institute, which I completed in February 2014.

I am looking forward to my new role and all the challenges it involves. The needs of our patients are very important to me and it goes without saying that every patient who comes to me for professional oral hygiene services will be treated as an individual.