Dental prophylaxis assistants & dental hygienists
Nazanin Taimourian

On July 1st, 2012 I started my apprentieship as a Dental Assistant in the dental practice Dres. Zimny and Dr. med. Zimny-Schattling. I completed the training in December 2014 successfully.

After gaining a lot of hands-on experience and building a very friendly relationship with the patients, I started my advanced training as a Dental Prophylaxis Assistant which I successfully completed in August 2016.
In addition to sustaining the health of teeth and gums, it gives me a lot of pleasure to allow our patients to have a bright smile. So the topic of Teeth Whitening has become one of my favorites!

The well-being of our patients is always at the center of our work. That’s why we give our best every day – medically and humanly. It always motivates me to see again and again how beautiful the result of our work is and how satisfied our patients are. I enjoy it a lot to be part of that process. I look forward to meeting you.