Dental prophylaxis assistants & dental hygienists
Nicole Tafelski

Team Leader Prophylaxis

I have been a member of the team at the family-run Dres. Zimny practice since 16.08.2004. From the very beginning, I felt supported and at home. Thanks to my previous experience, I was able to extend on and deepen my skills.

In 2007, I successfully completed my training as a state-certified dental prophylaxis assistant at the Phillip-Pfaff-Institute in Berlin, and in 2010 I took the qualifying exam to become a dental hygienist. This allows me to carry out periodontitis therapy, and thus permanently preserve patients’ teeth. I look forward to continuing to advise and assist our patients, and to conjuring a beaming smile on their faces by being sensitive to their needs.

It is especially important to me that my patients always feel good and well cared for and get ideal advice and treatment, which is also made possible by the close cooperation with the other dentists and dental technicians in our practice.