Dental prophylaxis assistants & dental hygienists
Oleksandra Radyk

I was already interested in human medicine at school and began studying all medical subjects at an early age. It made me realise that the mouth is of great importance to human health. That's why I decided on dentistry; and in 2019 I completed my dental studies in Ukraine. I then worked as a dentist for two years before coming to Berlin.

Here I also gained special insights into the area of prophylaxis.

Through my Dental Internships in Hospitals, Polyclinics and Practices during my studies, I gained a lot of practical experience and improved my knowledge. I also expanded in the area of professional tooth cleaning. Furthermore I have always had a passion for languages and am now able to communicate with my patients in four languages (Ukrainian, Russian, German & English).

I like working with people and love the varied tasks in the team and with patients. I particularly try to approach patients with empathy in order to allay some of their fears about the upcoming treatment.

My goal is to achieve optimal oral health for each and every one of my patients in order to keep their teeth healthy in the long term.