Dr. Franz Zimny

Yes, I love my job!

More than fifty years of daily, intense dedication to my profession have contributed to the long-term commitment to our practice of many of our patients. The experience gained over many years is the reason that my work is now easier for me than before.

In addition, I can put my great wealth of experience to use not only serving my patients and the team, but also pass it on to the members of my family. I have to admit that I am also a little proud and grateful to still be able to manage the daily challenges of our family practice despite being the older one.

Regular advanced education has helped us integrate new dentistry methods like implantology, cosmetic dentistry and much more into the treatment range of the family practice.

A good physical shape, regular sports like tennis, jogging, bicycling and gardening help me handle my daily work well. Over the years, I have always striven to live and work in harmony with our team. I hope to be able to work in the family practice for many years to come.

Yes, I love my practice!