Dental Implants

An implant is a dental root substitute mostly made of titanium that is grafted into the jaw bone with a screw thread. After about three to four months, ossification (osseointegration) with the surrounding bone has taken place and a cap/bridge or removable denture can be anchored on the implant.

In the practice of the doctors Zimny and doctor Zimny-Schattling, implants have been grafted for 30 years. The implant systems Xive® and Frialit® made by DENTSPLY Implants have been used for many years.


Implants have a large area of ​​application and are used today not only for the elderly, but also in the context of periodontics, aesthetic dentistry and to maintain the teeth and preserve the tooth hardness.

Implants are used, especially when the teeth are still to be used to their full extent even at old age; or if there is the desire to be able to bite forcefully and to show an authentic smile, even if some teeth are missing. Even the most comprehensive dental care can not always prevent the general wear on the teeth.

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Thus, implant treatments have become standard interventions, especially for elderly people. Frequently, aesthetic aspects also play an important role, which makes an intervention with today’s oral surgery methods indispensable.

An implant is a dental restoration, usually made of titanium, which is inserted into the jaw bone with a screw thread. If, for example, a certain tooth has a damage that can not be treated otherwise and has to be removed, the missing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant.

Such an intervention requires a great deal of specialist knowledge and also makes a thorough preliminary examination indispensable as well as a regular check-up by the dentist after the treatment.

In our practice in Berlin Charlottenburg, patients find an extremely competent team of dentists, which is well educated in the field of dental implants.

A membership and regular training at the DGI, the German Society for Implantology, as well as further trainings with other specialists are a matter of course for us in order to be a competent specialist in the field implantology for you as a patient.

When choosing the right crown and tooth color, our team of dental technicians is also happy to support you. Approximately 3 to 4 months after the implantation, the osseointegration (bone connection) is achieved with the surrounding bone. Thus, an optimal anchoring of the implant in the jaw is ensured.

A crown, dental bridge or a removable denture can be anchored on the implant – all under one roof, centrally and easily accessible in the heart of Berlin!

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