Dental Sedation with Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Laughing gas has been successfully used in medicine for more than 150 years. The nitrous oxide is applied via a special nose mask with a wide range of fragrances. Nitrous oxide attenuates the consciousness and reduces the fear as well as the feeling of pain and has a soothing effect.

Nitrous oxide can be used in the following situations:

Anxious patients,
Surgical procedures,
A pronounced gag reflex,
Longer lasting procedures,
Dental Prophylaxis,
Older patients or Children from the age of 4.

The advantages of treatments under laughing gas:

You remain responsive during the treatment,
Your breathing stays normal,
Sobriety before the treatment is not necessary,
You can even drive home without your car after the procedure.

The costs for nitrous oxide sedation are not covered by statutory insurance.

You will of course receive a treatment offer in advance so that you are always informed about all expected additional costs. In order to give as many patients the option to afford this tye of treatment our practice offers financing.

If you are privately insured or have taken out additional private dental insurance, you should submit the treatment offer in advance, because fortunately the additional medical expense of nitrous oxide sedation is partially subsidized by these insurance companies.

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