Periodontology means “The Science of the Periodontal Apparatus”. The periodontal apparatus includes the gums, root cementum, periodontal membrane and the bony tooth socket.

The most frequent form of periodontal apparatus disease is periodontosis. Without therapy, gingival pockets would expand to the extent that the bony tooth sockets would dissolve. Teeth would become loose and would have to be extracted or even fall out on their own.


Periodontosis Treatment:

Several professional tooth cleaning procedures (PTC / GBT®) with detailed instructions and adjustment of dental hygiene items
Complete mechanical removal of all hard and soft plaque above and below the gums under local anaesthesia.
If necessary, supported with antibiotic therapy (closed periodontal therapy)
After completion closed periodontal therapy, surgical cleaning of gingival pockets under visual control (open periodontal therapy)