Orthodontics / Invisalign ® in Berlin

Orthodontics is the segment of dentistry that deals with the prevention, detection and treatment of tooth and jaw displacement.

In our practice in Berlin Charlottenburg, children are treated with removable, active devices and adults with nearly indiscernible Invisalign® splints. We are happy to refer you to orthodontic specialists if you want or need fixed bracket therapy.

Since 2002 our practice has been certified for applying the Invisalign® system to correct tooth misalignments. The duration of the treatment and your financial investment vary depending on the severity of the misalignments and your personal prefernces.


The benefits of Invisalign® at a glance:

Nearly invisible tooth correction method suitable for teenagers and adults of all ages. Prior to manufacturing your dental splint, our dentists demonstrate you the the planned tooth movements with a 3-D computer animation. Thus, the aesthetic end result can be visualized before the start of treatment.

The new ClinCheck Pro treatment planning software with 3D control allows more precise control of the final position of the teeth, making it easier to achieve the treatment goals. The 3D control allows adjustments directly in the 3D model while the impact on the entire dentition can be simulated in real time.

Tooth and bone preserving method: Very small pressure is exerted on the periodontal apparatus with each splint.

Flexibility through independent adjustements to the splint at home, allowing adaptation to personal circumstances such as work and holidays.

Shortening of the treatment time can be achieved through weekly splint replacement. Upon request.


Invisalign® Therapy

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