Orthodontics / Invisalign ®

Orthodontics (KFO) is a part of dentistry with the objective to prevent, detect and treat tooth and jaw misalignments. In our practice in Berlin Charlottenburg we use removable, active devices for children and the almost invisible Invisalign® splints for adults.
If fixed bracket therapy is desired or necessary, we will refer you to an orthodontic specialist.

Our practice has been certified to correct misaligned teeth with the Invisalign® system since 2002. Depending on the severity of the initial situation and your individual wishes, the duration of the treatment and investment vary.

Due to many years of experience and the large number of patients treated, the dental practice Drs. Zimny, Dr. Zimny-Schattling & Colleagues have been recognized as Invisalign® Gold providers.

This recognition is only given to certified practices that are authorized to treat with the proven Invisalign® method, have been using it successfully for years and have treated a corresponding number of patients, i.e. can demonstrate relevant experience.

The advantages of Invisalign® for you at a glance:

Almost invisible teeth straightening method suitable for teenagers and adults of all ages: The patient is invited to the practice to watch the 3D animation of the planned tooth movements on the computer together with their dentist. This means that the aesthetic end result can be visualized before treatment begins. We then order the splints to be made.

The new treatment planning software ClinCheck Pro with 3D control enables more precise control over the final position of the teeth - making the treatment goals easier to achieve. The 3D control allows adjustments directly in the 3D model and the effects on the entire set of teeth can be watched in real time.

Orthodontics that protect teeth and bones thanks to the very small pressure that is exerted on the periodontium with each splint.

Flexibility by changing your splints yourself at home and thus adapting to personal circumstances such as work and vacation.

Shortening the treatment time by changing the splints every week. Is possible by arrangement.

The intraoral scanner now enables precise optical recording of the teeth before the treatment begins. With the help of an intraoral scanner, a preview of the aesthetic result can be created before the orthodontic treatment has even begun. With the help of the intraoral scanner, the later Invisalign splints can also be made very precisely - for an optimal, aesthetic and functional result.

What would I look like with straight teeth?

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with straight teeth? Now you can find out: Just take a selfie and get your result within 60 seconds.

If you have decided on Invisalign® treatment, you can use a variety of services with the “My Invisalign™ app”. For example, you can use the custom aligner tracker here to adhere to the recommended wearing time for each Invisalign splint. You can take and save photos and, once approved by the practice, also view the Clincheck treatment plan.

To take advantage of the wide range of Invisalign® patient app offerings, download the My Invisalign™ app from your preferred app store.

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