Snoring Therapy with Lower Jaw Advancement Splint

Snoring at night not only disturbs your partner, but also the snorers themselves. Depending on the severity of the sleep-related breathing disorder, there are no restful deep sleep phases at night.

Tiredness, irritability and fatigue are the result. If dangerous breathing pauses (sleep apnea) occur at night, the cardiovascular system is put under severe strain.

After a medical clarification of the type of nighttime snoring by a specialist doctor, our practice prepares individually adjustable snoring splints (lower jaw protrusion splints).

By fixing the lower jaw in a certain position, the lower jaw protrusion splints prevent the tongue from sinking back and the narrowing of the throat, which means that snoring noises and possible pauses in breathing will be prevented.

Make an appointment

If you suspect that you need a mandibular advancement splint or if you have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea with interruptions in breathing, please make an appointment for a consultation on a mandibular advancement splint with Dr. Friederike Zimny, who is a member and certified of the DGZS (German Society for Dental Sleep Medicine). Please bring all existing documents with you, such as:

  • Evaluation of outpatient polygraphy (examination while sleeping at home to determine certain bodily functions such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory movements and respiratory flow, body position)
  • Evaluation/report of the polysomnography of the sleep laboratory (examination during sleep in the sleep laboratory to determine certain bodily functions such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory movements and respiratory flow, body position and additional recordings such as EEG, EMG and EOG)
  • if applicable, referrals from the sleep doctor for the manufacture of a lower jaw protrusion splint
What costs does the insurance cover?

If you have private insurance, you should submit the treatment offer in advance, because fortunately the creation of a lower jaw protrusion splint is usually reimbursed by most private insurance companies.

Statutory insurance only covers the production of a mandibular protrusion splint if sleep apnea has been diagnosed and treatment using, for example, a CPAP mask (or similar mask) has already been carried out but was unsuccessful because, for example, the patient could not cope with the mask and could not wear it , even though he tried to do this for a long time.

In order to receive coverage by the statutory health insurance company, the patient needs a referral from their sleep doctor, in which it is documented that if sleep apnea is present, a lower jaw protrusion splint needs to be made because other therapy has already failed. A therapy attempt using a CPAP mask or a comparable mask must always have been carried out beforehand, otherwise subsidies from statutory health insurance are excluded.

So that you are always informed about all additional payments to be expected when producing a lower jaw protrusion splint, you will of course receive a treatment plan in advance about the planned treatment steps. To ensure that as many patients as possible can afford the treatment they need,our practice offers a special financing option.

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