Teeth Whitening in Berlin Charlottenburg

Professional In-House Teeth Whitening – For a brighter smile.

If tooth discolorations can not be removed within the scope of a professional tooth cleaning treatment, there is the possibility to whiten teeth with a bleaching process.

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic procedure for the gentle brightening of your teeth. With gentle, painless bleaching methods, we bring the natural whiteness of your teeth back; resulting in beautiful white teeth.

In our practice in Berlin Charlottenburg at the Kaiserdamm you can choose from different bleaching materials. Our dentists and prophylactic assistants advise you which bleaching method is best for your personal situation: In-office bleaching or Home bleaching. Together we choose the associated medication in the appropriate concentration for you.

In our practice, we only use brand name products. All our prophylaxis assistants are specially trained and certified in the use of teeth whitening procedures.

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