Dentures made in Berlin
Inhouse Dental Laboratory
Durable Dentures
Advantages through our Inhouse Dental Laboratory:
  • Color determiniation directly on the patient by our inhouse dental technician
  • Individual coloring of the dentures directly on the patient
  • Personal communication between patient, dentist and dental technician
  • Ceramic layering / tooth preparation according to photo templates
  • Prolonged provisional dentures possible prior to final cementation, especially in the aesthetically sensitive front region

Prosthetics / High-quality Dentures

Prosthetic dentistry focuses on the planning, manufacture and integration of any dental prosthesis to replace missing or restore damaged natural teeth. A large number of possible solutions are available for this purpose. The following denture types are differentiated:

Fixed Dentures

Fixed Dentures are cemented in place and give you the same feeling that your own teeth would.

  • Faced – metal – ceramic – solutions, e.g. caps and bridges
  • All-ceramic prosthetics (zirconium dioxide)
  • Partial caps / inlays / veneers
  • Fixed implants

Combined Dentures

Combined Dentures are made of one part that is cemented into place and a removable part. Your advantage: Your own teeth serve as an invisible anchor for removable dentures that can be fixed in your mouth easily, that are frequently small and give you a secure feeling when you are chewing and laughing.

  • Telescopic solutions, also with one-piece moulding, with activatable HT attachments or Galvano technology
  • Denture precision attachment
  • Implants of any kind
  • Bolt dentures
  • Bar attachments

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are synthetic dental prostheses to replace lost natural teeth. Depending on the situation, dental prostheses are designed as full prostheses (if there are no natural teeth left) or partial prostheses that are fixed onto the remaining teeth with cribs.

A detailed as well as thorough dental care needs time and effort. Time, which many people are quite willing to invest in their health. However, even with the most thorough and regular dental care, it may happen that one tooth, several teeth or even whole parts of the jaw must restored or even replaced due to the general wear.

These procedures are summarized under the concept of prosthetics. The replacement of individual teeth or even whole jaw regions is, by the way, one of the oldest and thus also the most thorough research areas of modern medicine.

Thus, people with tooth problems should not be afraid to look at the possibilities of modern dentistry or to profit from them.

Modern Technology and Experience –
Hand in Hand

The production of dentures often involves combinations of several areas of dentistry, for example conservative dentistry, surgery, implantology or orthodontics.

Due to the multitude of possible solutions in prosthetics, a high level of specialist knowledge and a large amount of practical experience are required, which is achieved through the close consultation between dentists in our practice; e.g. through regular quality circles, joint discussions of patient cases and continuing education.

In addition, you rely on good work from the dental technician in order to be able to produce well-fitting prostheses or implants with beautiful and functional bridges or crowns. Thanks to the practice's own dental laboratory, high-quality work can be produced in close consultation with our dentist. Both removable dentures (prostheses) as well as combined or fixed dentures (telescopes, attachments, crowns, bridges, inlays, veneers, ceramic dentures) are manufactured in our dental laboratory at site.

When making dentures, it is also important to correctly determine the color of the teeth in the mouth, which is something that is carried out directly by our dental technician at site and are therefore designed very individually. This is particularly important, for example, for veneers (paper-thin shells made of ceramic and glued to the teeth), or the production of a crown or a bridge in the front tooth area.

The staff of our practice is very familiar with all these areas thanks to their many years of experience. In addition, the patient is not only introduced to the entire procedure in detailed preliminary and consultation discussions, but is also offered a close follow-up check. This is considered an important component in all dental work and is a particularly important aspect in prosthetic procedures, so that you as a patient can enjoy the individually made work for a long time.
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