All-ceramic Prosthetics

With all-ceramic dentures, teeth can be completely rebuilt, e.g. in the form of all-ceramic crowns. Due to the great stability of ceramics and modern manufacturing technology, even all-ceramic bridges can be used to replace lost teeth.

If teeth are filled extensively but do not yet require full crowns, the teeth can be provided with long-term and aesthetic care and protection with all-ceramic inlays or partial crowns.

Ceramic veneers are also a form of all-ceramic dentures and enable tooth discoloration and slight misalignments to be corrected.

Nowadays, all-ceramic dentures in particular can be planned even more precisely and thus also implemented. The original shape of the teeth and the tooth position can be restored exactly. For this purpose, the teeth are gently scanned in the mouth with the Intraoral Scanner before the start of treatment and this information is incorporated into the design of the dentures in our dental laboratory.

In addition, the use of Modjaw or Digital Smile Design offers further great added value in terms of the function and the aesthetic result of the new, all-ceramic dentures for an all-round satisfactory result.

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