Dental Surgery

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction means the removal of teeth under local anaesthesia without the need to cut mucous membrane.

Wisdom teeth removal

This is the removal of third molars. The type of intervention depends on the development level and the position of the wisdom tooth.

A regular erupted third molar can be removed under local anaesthesia without cutting mucous membrane (extraction) or has to be removed surgically (osteotomy) if it is displaced in the jaw bone.

Root end surgery

Apicoectomy is the surgical removal of a root end. This requires cutting the mucous membrane and closing it again with sutures which are removed after seven days.

This is all done painlessly with local anaesthesia. The root end is cut down as much as needed during root end surgery, inflamed, cystic tissue removed and the root filling checked for tightness and sealed again from the bottom, if necessary.

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